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Super Clew Land a game made in 72 hours

Control Clew as he eats, evolves, and explores Clew Land in this happy-go-lucky exploration-based platformer.

WASD Move Clew
Arrows Match proteins (after eating food)
Space Jump/Flap (after evolving)



Offensive abilities would be nice.


Love this game


Playing the original version first and then seeing how much it was expanded later was really cool. I love the matching proteins/evolution feature. Great game!


Wonderful game. The boss level is genius - Megaman difficult, but not impossible, with a rewarding end-sequence.

I look forward to the next!


This is the first game in years that challenged me with button timing. They just don’t make games like this anymore. Great mechanics and a fun story.


Just finish it ! Awesome :)


It was fun then i didnt fought with boss but I got ending o,o?


Download the Mac or PC version to get the “Complete” game with the boss battle.


Good game overall, but having a boss battle that consumes more lives than and almost as much time as the entire preceding game is straight from the asshole school of game design.


This game gave me a big, stupid grin all the way though (including the super difficult boss). Thanks guys :)


Great game! The end boss is VERY difficult, perhaps too difficult, and some of the gems are hard to get, but that’s the charm of the game, right? The moves work great and the map is fun to go around. The controls when evolving are a bit complex because using both the WASD and arrow keys with the space bar is not easy, but once you’re fully evolved, it’s fantastic!!! 8.5/10

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