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Immortal, learn to die

End of Line a game made in 72 hours

It’s the End of Days. Nobody is around to turn off the machines. The robots remain to repair and rebuild. But the lonely EOL wants to end it all.

Where did all the humans go? What intelligence drives the machines? EOL will find out or try dying.

Arrows Move
Space Dash
Enter Reload level



Nice work, guys! Really enjoyed it.

Arlin Schaffel

Great work guys! Love the ending!


I’mma keep playing this, but somehow It’s feel so sad…… T_T


Excellent work chaps, although I do have a complaint: EOL is too cute - I die a little every time he does. :’(


Fun little puzzler! Well done, guys!


Loved it guys!

Is there any way I can help you by reporting bugs?

Shane Looker

I have an issue with how the hit or I guess we could call the “push” boxes are. I had a very hard time getting through some of the wall openings. Very tight. Also, when dashing, I actually don’t push the box along. It may be something you want to keep, but it is just a note I would like to make. Very good work and very fun. Thank you for your work.


I love the reference at the end! Looking forward to what the polished game will look like with that as a possible element.

Jake Marsh

Fanfreakingtastic fellas.

Lovely start to the crunching. Can’t wait to play final version as well, also a nice touch with the ending :)


Brilliant guys! Love the music/art/mechanics.

Critique: The dashing didn’t really make since as a form of destroying the other machines. I’d like to see it implemented in some other way, perhaps dashing to get through a puzzle element.

I feel like EOL should have a different ability to destroy the machines. Dashing to take them down just felt weird since they are pretty much stationary.

Super excited to see what else is to come and to see how you all take feedback and continue to work on this title.

Dave Scott

Awesome little game, look forward to the polish! Glad I backed this stuff, you guys are inspirational!

Michael Flarup

Off to a great start! Loving the execution of the theme, a lovely reversal of game mechanics that sets it all apart. Also Matt really did a great job on the soundtrack, i hope it’ll be extended in the polish period.


This is a great first game crunch! This is the kind of game that would benefit greatly from letting users create levels so maybe that’s something that could be included at the end.

Overall, very fun!


This is fantastic! Great job, guys! Now go get some sleep! When you wake from your coma, I have a few suggestions.

  • Obviously, more levels would be great.
  • A reset button would be handy too, as I managed to get stuck on the last level and had to restart.
  • Pushing a box or walking into a gap 1 unit wide could get a little finicky.
  • A level editor would be fantastic, but I understand that it would be no easy feat. I won’t hold it against you if you can’t.

Again, great job!


I had a ton of fun playing this prototype! There were plenty of aha! moments where I totally understood what I needed to do. And the music was perfect!


I loved it, but it was really short! I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with this, but I was kinda wishing it was bigger than a small level, kill yourself every time, kinda thing. More of a “destroy your parts one at a time all dramatically and sad and such”, but it was still very fun! I agree with the idea of a level editor. All told, great first crunch! I just like bigger adventure games like SCL.


Great game!

When you expand on it, I’d like to see a couple of things:

  • A story. Nothing that explains how to play the game, but something to give us a sense of what EOL’s goal is.

  • Some sort of boss fight. That last shot with the HAL eye was very menacing and made me crave a boss fight!


This is an awesometacular start to RGC!!!!

The ending was particularly awesome. Can’t wait to play the full game.


Great job, fellas!

+1 to the reset suggestion (as I managed to push the block over the spikes, then couldn’t recover from that situation).

Love the music. Looking forward to see how the polishing period changes things.


Nice game!

That soundtrack near the end levels was freaking awesome! Looking forward to to the future updates :)


Absolutely fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it through - great to see how you guys ran with the theme - I would never have guessed this is what we’d get :).


I really like playing through this.. can’t wait to play the next! Can we spread this flash game btw?


Nice. I like that the only hint about the gameplay is a short description and that’s all. Also it’s kind of agains everything to kill your hero all the time but i guess that’s what makes it brilliant. Nice one!


Lovely. Absolutely lovely. To be honest I’d just be happy with a lot of new levels. Some additional game mechanic would also be great (even if the current ones already allow some great level design - the last level is a great example). As other have said, a level editor/level sharing feature would be great.


Thanks everyone! We restored the dev “reload level shortcut”. If you get yourself into an unwinnable situation, just hit Enter to restart the level.

wiedo: You can share this link but please do not upload the swf to other sites.


Great job guys! Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see the full version!


Great! I’d like to see the death be a bit more complete on each successive level. Like it having parts disabled each level that could open up new avenues for level design.
Or different ways to die— if it’s learning to die, each one should be a bit different from the last.

It’s amazing how much you all did in three days! I loved the first play through.


I love trying to figure out how the game works. Looking forward to the final version!

Might I suggest using a few different ways that EOL could kill himself? They could play into the puzzles fairly easily.

Rob C

Great fun. Really looking forward to sitting back down with it and trying to get to the end (let alone what the final version brings).

I rather dug how when you got revived, the entire level wasn’t reset - sometimes, being having to go through an entire process on a misstep is rather unfair. Here that’s not been the case, although I can see where having a reset-level key would be a great add-in.


Super cool start as I expected. There has already been so much great feedback, but I’ll still add my thoughts.

The dashing felt fine for killing the enemies to me, especially for these simple, mostly stationary bots. I think it would be really interesting (assuming there will be a bigger variety of bots) if he learned to die by earning new weapons to kill different types of bots (which of course then allows him to die). Different weapons besides just the different colored suits (and possibly a combination of the colors and weapons).

This way your advancement through the game can still be an additive process while still learning to die. Instead of damaging yourself or taking away parts like some people have mentioned. Either way could be cool, of course. Just giving my suggestion.

Really love your guys first crunch and thanks for working hard.


Nice fun little game. A very good start for this “series” of games. Enjoyed the puzzle element to it very much. The only critique I can offer are things that have already been stated, such as the extremely narrow passageways and the implementation of the dash for other puzzle solving uses.

On a side note, EOL looks like a cross between Megaman and Bomberman :D.


It’d be cool to see different themed environments of levels.


Great first crunch! You didn’t disappoint! Looking forward to seeing the full version of this one! :)


Wow, I’m very impressed! I’m really looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

The music was catchy but appropriate, it was one of my favourite elements. I like the idea of the character’s different colours being a part of the puzzles, too. It was nice you put some stuff like that in so we could see where it might come into play again in a later version of the game. Anyway, thanks, that was fun!


Love it!

Kyle S

Great little game! Love the end hehe. Music was great!


Took me a while to understand.

Music is awesome! love the graphics too :)


Job well done. The music is great; the sprites are great; the gameplay is great. I second the level editor. It can be a challenging thing to build, but there’s so much potential here. Particularly with the color thing. I’m looking forward to any sort of story you fellas build around this, too. Lot of potential here. Nice work, gentlemen.


Nice effort, this could actually evolve into something big. Really dig the graphics and sound and the gameplay is very interesting. Gratz! =)

Andrew Brinker

Really fun game. Keep doing great work!

Garro Sakuragi

Great start! Loved the music and the gameplay. I know this was just a crunch, but I’m dying to learn more about EOL’s backstory. As mentioned before, different ways to die/kill the enemies could be used to expand gameplay (EMP, anyone?). Also, would love the environment to be more postapocalyptic; maybe have some rubble, destroyed buildings, etc. Stuff the robots wouldn’t care about fixing and just left there to erode slowly. Overall, I think we are off to a great start! :)


Awesome stuff, I feel like a longer version of this is gonna turn out a great finished product. If you can manage it a few different sequences could also make things interesting. Just off the top of my head, I was imagining a boss battle where you need to destroy various parts of the boss as the boss continuously repairs both itself and you. Kind of a reverse hydra situation, where you need to kill various healing apparatuses to die rather than survive. Any kind of different sequences to break it up are always neat though, kind of things to put halfway or at the end of level sets. Great work though, reminds me of God of Thunder way back in the day, that I played on floppy :P


^ This.


This turned out awesome! Great work guys! Really dig the music. This reminds me of the game Adventures of Lolo. Aside from the dying :)

Zachary Johnson

Nice! Played all the way through. Lots of fun, and I’m really happy with where you took the theme.


just got my computer back from the shop and was so excited to finally play this! its awesome!


Quite nice and a very interesting interpretation of the concept! :) Can’t wait for the next theme to be chosen!


I’m new to the gaming. It would help if there were some directions and plot plan.


@plum: This game is the one that was made in 3 days. It is difficult to add instructions and a strong plot in such a short amount of time, so the focus is on the core gameplay.

But now the game is being improved, so I guess there will be better directions and a more interesting plot in the “complete” version which is due in about 2 weeks.

Matt Vomacka

…Awesome! I had a lot of fun. Thanks very much. I’ll make my comment a bit cryptic in an attempt to avoid spoilers for someone reading before playing… It seems the observers are just distractions for the intent of gameplay, and don’t need to be destroyed for clearing all tasks at hand. Like Tommy, I liked the MC’s little tassel.


It’s always awesome \o/ Want your games in my pocket consoles >_<

Dan Hellerich

Excellent game, I think some of the levels are pretty clever puzzles. I could keep playing on and on. Keep up the good work!


What fun! It only took me a “few” minutes to realize how to play…started looking for instructions and then realized the title and the quick story were all the instruction needed. Love the music and EOL is a cutie (although I did have him wreak havoc on all observers gratuitously)


Great music. Gameplay was fun. Overall, well done!


Took me a minute because I didn’t want to die!


I got stuck. On the one where the box goes around that square and you have to get off and push it on the the button. I inadvertently moved it on top of the spikes in a corner and cannot move it.


@kaylaKicks: Press “Enter” to restart the level without resetting the whole game.

You can do the same for the newly released full version of the game. Check the download links at the top of the page!

John Williams

Well done!


Great job! Love all the new levels! Awesome job! I can’t believe I have 5 more games to look forward to. :)

Joe Schmoe

I’ve got a question. Is there a forum us members can go for retrogamecrunch to ask questions and get feedback from each other? Because I’m currently stuck about 3 or 4 levels in on the full version, can’t figure it out, and would love to get some help from fellow “Crunchers” who are and have also played through the game. :/ Not complaining about it. It’s a fun and solid game. Just… I’d like to know how to advance to the next level is all.


@Joe Schmoe: I’m stuck a few levels in and for the life of me can’t figure out how to get out of this level.

Joe Schmoe

@Leida: are you at the level with the flyer in the upper right, a bouncer in the middle with two buttons, a spike field in the upper left, a box and two iron beams/walls? That’s the one I’m stuck at.

Joe Schmoe

@Leida: if there’s somewhere I can contact you at, I figured it out just a moment ago.


We decided against having a forum in the interest of time (both setup and moderation). For now the best place for questions about the complete version of each games is probably their announcement post. Here’s End of Line’s

Regarding that tricky level in World 1

Brett 'SS' Hahn

Fantastic game guys, well done! Reminded me of playing Chip’s Challenge when I was younger. Keep up the great work.


@Joe: Sorry busy evening! I eventually figured it out too! It was definitely aha moment followed by a facepalm moment because it took me so long to figure out.

P.S. I’m on twitter (@Leidamarietl) if anyone wants to connect.


Finished the full version! Really enjoyed that :)

It would be nice to be able to go back and replay a level if you miss any of the HAL machines, though. Maybe in a Mario 3-style world map of sorts? Bit late to be bringing that up now, I suppose!

Great work guys - I can’t wait to see what comes out of the next crunch! :)


Argh! I zapped all HALs except for those on the last level, but I missed a repair-bot and died too soon! Curses! D;


Got it now. :) Great Boss Fight and End Sequence.


stuck on level with an island in the middle with conveyor belts, flyer things that go up and down. You start at a little island at the bottom with a button that turns the conveyor belts on.

Totally can’t figure out how to get anything to happen.


lol. just noticed there is a box

didn’t see it at first

Tyler Benziger

Just now listening to the podcast. Now that you guys are done with all 7 games, you should totally go back to enable user-generated levels for EOL!

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