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End of End of Line

That was a quick month. We just released the complete version of Game 1, End of Line:


We thought Super Clew Land set the bar high for what we could achieve in one month. Then Game 1 happened. End of Line has more than 60 levels spanning 5 worlds, over 20 minutes of music, 2 endings plus a secret (ssshhh) epilogue!

Download the complete version of End of Line from the Retro Game Crunch Rewards page. Let us know what you think right here (or on Twitter).

Oh, and theme submissions are now open for Game 2!





I’ve made it to the “Desert” World and I’ve got to hand it to you boys; this is some damned fine work. The music, the mechanics, the gameplay ideas, the journal entries along the way. Just splendid.

I can’t wait to see how this whole project evolves. Just don’t burn-out, you hear?


Need hints on how to get the different endings and the epilogue! :)


You asked for it:


The black terminals with the glowing red eye are not as neutral as they seem. Maybe if you destroy all of them permanently EOL will be able break free of his terrible task.


Nice, thanks! Don’t think I would have ever picked up on that!

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