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Game Two, Four Players


We hope you have controllers—and friends! Our second game, GAIAttack, supports up to four players and unless you like playing finger Twister, it can get a little cramped on the keyboard.

I prefer a classic Super Nintendo/Famicom controller with a Super SmartJoy USB adaptor. (Rusty swears by this double SNES adaptor.) You can also pair your Bluetooth PS3 controllers with your Mac or your Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers with your PC. Then you can use Enjoy or JoyToKey to map buttons to keyboard.

So until tomorrow:




:) I am really looking forward!


Looks really good.

Steelseries makes a controller that you can bind as you want, works for pc/mac and even your iPad/iPhone. A bit overpriced, but i like it.




Can’t wait! =)

Joe Schmoe

Jacob, I actually have that controller. Though I have trouble sometimes when I try to bind the mouse movements to the analogue stick. :/


Have you guys seen or heard good things about the Buffalo Classic?


Concerning the iBuffalo Classic: I ordered two from eBay not long after I made the above post.

They arrived today, and despite being advertised as only working on Windows I can attest to them working perfectly with Enjoy on Mac!

Here’s the seller for anyone interested:

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