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Brain Freeze

This has been a busy month! Shaun showed off all four finished Retro Game Crunch games plus Super Clew Land Complete at XOXO Arcade in Portland. (Four player frenzy with GAIAttack!) Rusty and Matt showed off End of Line at Fantastic Arcade in Austin. (End of Line on a theatre screen!) And Rusty just got back from Indiecade in Los Angeles. Phew!

So we’re going to tack on an extra week to wrap up the complete version of Brains & Hearts. Until then—BELATED GIF BOMB!



AI chance you can let spill if there will be some AI in the final game for some single player?


@Sephirenn There is! I’m working on it right now :)


I’m watching Rusty pit the CPU against itself. This can’t end well for humanity :)

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