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The End is Here


This is it. A little over twelve months since the Kickstarter was successfully funded, game six is done and it’s a doozy. Six weapons. Six bosses. Six environments. Twelve levels. Twelve tracks. An overworld map. And a shop with dozens of upgrades. Shūten is easily our most ambitious game yet. Oh, and two players!

We’ll have plenty to say about our final game and the entire Retro Game Crunch experience once we get some rest but for now, go download the Complete version of Shūten from your Rewards page and let us know what you think!



Congratulations! Looking forward to trying out the complete version of Shūten!


Yeehaw! Fun, tough, and well balanced. I love it!

Congratulations on finishing the Crunch! :D


@Dimitri Thanks! Hope you dig it. :D

@Conan Sweet! Thanks man. Which upgrade path did you take in the shop?

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