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Worldwide Release

We’ve got some exciting news to share. The worldwide release of Retro Game Crunch is…Today! The full RGC collection is now available on the Humble Store. A lot of extra work has gone into this definitive release:

  • A single download with all seven games.
  • A launcher app to switch between the games.
  • Controller support! A few popular gamepads, like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 controllers, now work with the entire collection.
  • Smaller file sizes.
  • Extra polish, bug fixes and love.

For Backers Too

All backers at $25 and up get this new version! Download it now on the RGC Backer Rewards page. Just another way of us saying thank you! <3

Release Trailer

We’ve made a sweet trailer for today’s announcement! It does a good job showing the scope and scale of Retro Game Crunch. Hope y’all dig it.

Full Steam Ahead

Retro Game Crunch is now on Steam Greenlight! Greenlight is how new indie games get on the Steam store. We need lots of “yes” votes to progress through the Greenlight program, so click here, and give us a thumbs up. Once RGC is released on Steam, we’ll hook you all up with Steam keys too.

Thank you

This journey wouldn’t have possible without you all. Your themes, feedback and pledges made these games a reality. We couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you a hundred times!

We think you’ll love this new unified version. Download and enjoy.

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Awesome. Thanks again, guys! =)

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