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GAIAttack! Original Sound Version released!

The music from GAIAttack! is available today! If you were a Kickstarter backer at the DIGITAL-ONLY, SOUND TEST or higher levels you’ll find the download on the rewards page. For everyone else the album is available on bandcamp. You can listen for free.


I started re-writing this album in MML back in Sept 2013. Eight months later here we are, it’s done! I poured my heart and soul into every 32nd note. I hope you feel and hear that when you listen. Like the End of Line album, the audio recordings are straight out of my Nintendo Entertainment System!

This album means a lot to me, some of my favorite tracks from all of Retro Game Crunch are here (Fighting Type, Star Lemonade). When I was originally writing this music, SXSW 2013 happened. That gave Rusty, Shaun and I an excuse to see each other. We got to work in the same room and hang out. It was the only time that happened the entire year and for the duration of RGC. I wrote a good majority of Star Lemonade in Rusty’s bedroom. Good times. It’s hard saying goodbye.

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