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About Retro Game Crunch

At the end of August 2012 Rusty Moyher, Shaun Inman, and Matt Grimm banded together, buckled down, and created Super Clew Land in 72 hours for the 24th Ludum Dare game jam. It was our first time working together.

By the end of the three day weekend we didn’t want to stop—working together or working on Super Clew Land. “Wouldn’t it be cool,” we thought, “if we could do this more often?” So we hatched a plan and Kickstarted it.

Six Games in Six Months

We’re making six games in six months. Backers submit and vote on game themes. We crunch for three days, making a playable game from scratch based on the winning theme. Then everyone gets to play it.

After a brief recovery period, we resume work on the game. For thirty days, we polish, expand, and improve the new born game. Then backers get to download the complete version of the finished game.

Step and repeat, six times.

Along the way we’re documenting the process and sharing our trials and triumphs. We even wrote a series of articles to get you started jamming. Backer or not, check back each month to play a new game!

Shaun Inman Creator of The Last Rocket, one of Edge Magazine’s Must Play iOS Games. Independent designer, developer, and composer. Favors the even numbered Final Fantasies.

Rusty Moyher Creator of Bloop, Indiecade 2012 Finalist. Filmmaker. Game Designer. Storyteller. Regularly plays Starcraft with his three brothers on Christmas Day.

Matt Grimm Composer and sound designer for Flip’s Escape. MML maestro and master of the NES’s four meager sound channels. Twin Galaxies record holder for Burger Time (NES).

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